Backup Sump Pumps in Trenton, Levittown, Pottstown, PA and NJ

Nearly all of the time a sump pump system will protect your basement from water damage will protect your basement most of the time. However, mechanical failures in the sump or the sump pump switch lead to significant basement water problems.

The battery backup sump pump then kicks in and handles the water the primary sump pump cannot handle when rising water or serious rains are at their worst.

If you're looking for a great sump pump battery backup, BQ Basement Systems offers free, no-obligation inspections and quotes on the sump pump installation. Call or e-mail us today!

Sump Pumps with Battery Backups

It does not matter how nice of sump pump system when the power goes out, and there is no battery back up. And, unfortunately, the power goes out most often when there are heavy rainstorms and wind is present.

The sump pump market is clogged with so many options for battery backup systems that it can be bewildering. Let's break down the different battery backup sump systems available in our area:

PA and NJ's Generator-powered sump pump backup: It is possible to purchase a portable generator for around $400, that can be used to run the sump pump if the power happens to go out. However, the homeowner must be home and awake to turn on the generator. Then most likely the generator will have to run outside (in the rain). A powerful generator system wired to turn on the sump pump automatically can be installed For about $7,000-$10,000, this could be another option you decide on.

The more expensive option seems to be the best, especially if you want your basement dry all the time and don't know if you'll be home - and awake - every time you lose power. Remember also that you'll be powering your primary sump pump and that no battery backup will be available. Clogs and mechanical failures could still occur and with no other pump available to help keep the basement dry your basement could become very wet.

Alternate Sump Pump Power Source: A battery hooked up to their AC powered sump pump homeowners will sometimes try to use a DC battery to power their AC powered sump. Unfortunately, To convert from DC to AC much of the battery's charge will be lost and after either an hour or 2,200 gallons of water has been pumped out the battery will have no charge. And like the generator-powered systems, there is only one sump pump in the pit, and if it fails, your basement floods.

Generic Battery Backup Systems: Cheap battery backups can be used, by hooking up a car battery for a sump pump power source basement waterproofers are just being irresponsible. The issue is that car batteries were not intended for this line of work, and sitting on the cold concrete floor, they will begin to lose their amperage-hour capacity. Meaning you can not count on them to last very long if your basement floods a year later!

Sump Pump Battery Backup Systems: Top-quality battery backup sump pump systems in Pennsylvania & New Jersey have been created specifically to last in crawl space or basement. These battery backup sump pumps can pump out 3-5 times more water on a single charge than an alternate power source is able to. The UltraSump® Battery Backup Sump Pump offered by B.Q. Basement Systems can pump more than 11,500 gallons of water on a single charge.

It is also possible to hook up two or more batteries to a single battery backup sump pump if you want more power in your sump pump system.

Sump Pump Battery BackupBackup Pump or Battery Backup Pump?

The answer is both. While a battery backup sump pump is the more important of the two because it can run even when the power goes out, your basement will still stay dry. However, very long rains or excessive flooding are apt to use up the charge on any basement waterproofing system, eventually leading to a flooded basement. While using an AC-powered sump pump backup will ensure that your system has a second line of defense, but as long as your home has power, your sump pumps will be working to protect your home investment.

As a side note, if you're installing two sump pumps into a single location, it's crucial to use two sump pump discharge pipes to send the water out of the home. The pipes can only handle so much water, so the second pump will need a new venue to send it out.

B.Q. Basement Systems would like to help you with your battery backup sump pump needs. For a free, in-home inspection and sump pump quote all across Eastern PA & Western NJ, call or e-mail us online today!

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