Work Requests in Reading

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Learn more about BQ Basement Systems' recent work requests in Reading, PA
Vicinity of in Reading
Water in basement after heavy rain
Vicinity of Colony Drive in Reading
I am interested in getting a sump pump installed in my home. There is already a hole in the corner of the basement.
Vicinity of Saint James Pl in Reading
Have a vertical crack in basement wall. It is poured concrete. Allows water to deep in during heavy rain. Looking to have it injected.
Vicinity of Showers Lane in Reading
Water coming through foundation. The wall is 4 foot high and 18 feet long, I don't know if the water is coming through the wall or between the block and the footer. I would like to know if you seal the exterior of walls. I do have a footer drain, but it didn't help the weekend there was 6 inches of water under my deck.
Vicinity of Columbia Ave in Reading
I am concerned that my basement walls are shifting
Vicinity of Meadowlark Road in Reading
Would like to discuss repair of concrete around pool area
Vicinity of Kentucky Ave in Reading
1 patio section of my concrete patio has sunk
Vicinity of Cleveland Ave in Reading
Uneven sidewalk
Vicinity of Kline Avenue in Reading
We have a large backyard patio that has some cracks and sinking on one side. It seems like there may have been some erosion beneath the slab on that side. I was looking into mudjacking costs and came across your site. I'd like to get a quote.
Vicinity of Spruce in Reading
Sidewak repair front house
Vicinity of W Broad St in Reading
Trying to get idea of cost for a foundation repair. Watermain broke and corner of house/garage settled.
Vicinity of Commonwealth Blvd in Reading
I have a concrete porch slab that dropped a few inches where it meets the house. O am looking for an estimate Thank you
Vicinity of Scotland Dr in Reading
Want to add a backup for our existing sump pump. We were told the hole is not deep enough to attach a backup. Need someone that can handle expanding the existing hole, possibly replacing the existing pump and attach a good backup.
Vicinity of Cromwell Dr in Reading
Concrete pool patio is uneven and we would like it leveled.
Vicinity of Florida Ave in Reading
Basement wall is bowing inward.
Vicinity of Cleveland Avenue in Reading
Need leak around sewer pipe fixed.
Vicinity of Azalea Way in Reading
Just bought a 1500 sq ft 2 story townhouse. Has a basement crawlspace about 4-5 feet deep. Its unvented and had a significant moisture problem, no leaks just humidity buildup. Actually had to have the previous owner replace mildewy insulation and install a vapor shield before closing. Home inspector recommended either venting the crawlspace or installing a permanent dehumidifier that drains into the sewer line. There is no electrical in the crawlspace but there is an electrical box near the entrance that probably could be utilized. Thought about tackling it myself but wanted to see how much a professional would charge since I'd rather not do it myself if the price is reasonable.
Vicinity of Kelly Lane in Reading
Water coming in under Bilco doors.
Vicinity of Hain Rd in Reading
Water leaks down my basement wall and all over the floor with heavy rain or snow. Leak appears to be coming from the front side of the house below the living room.
Vicinity of Old Bernville Rd in Reading
The concrete slab in one of our out buildings has sunk leaving an uneven floor.
Vicinity of in Reading
Walls in my basement are kind of wet on the surface, there is like a white fungi in a little room, and when it rains, sometimes there are some water leaks coming in through some corners of my basement.
Vicinity of Singer Rd in Reading
We have a finished basement (about 4/5 of it) and recently noticed that the carpet on one side of the house was saturated with water. We do not know the cause and need someone to come out and diagnose the problem so we can get it repaired and prevent further water damage in our basement.
Vicinity of Danor Drive in Reading
I am interested in purchasing a Sump pump discharge Ice Guard. Can you please let me know how much they are and if you ship them or must I pick them up somewhere? Thank you for your help. It looks like a great product! I need a 2in opening into a 4in bottom. Thanks again.
Vicinity of Haak in Reading
I have a Problem between the wall and the floor. the wall is separate 3 or 4 inches of the floor.
Vicinity of Liberty Ave in Reading
Back wall foundation wall has a crack and moved aleast a inch cant use back door need a estiment asap
Vicinity of Courtleigh Place in Reading
Can't get it to flow properly on all the tiers. We change pumps thinking wasn't strong enough but still doesn't work.
Vicinity of Running Creek Dr in Reading
Small leak in wall of basement during heavy rains.
Vicinity of Slater Road in Reading
Leak coming through a hairline crack in a poured cement foundation wall.
Vicinity of Pennsylvania Ave in Reading
I have a finished basement, and the previous owner had done a job that seeping water. The work was very well where you can see. But now the water is running across the floor, and apparently is a drywall wall now, but I can see why. The mosaic floor has wood and is rising. I bought the house a year ago and the previous owner had done that work for 4 or 5 years ago. Please I need help.
Vicinity of Cacoosing Drive in Reading
Water leaking into finished basement- need to determine source of water leaking, what needs to be done to prevent it, and if there is mold that needs to be remediated.
Vicinity of Moss Street in Reading
Basement floods on heavy rain
Vicinity of Apple Drive in Reading
We have a crawl space under the stairs of our bi-level. It just recently had a leak, but we did catch it quickly. Although, most of the insulation is pretty old and we are worried about the mold issue. Looking for an estimate of getting the insulation replaced.
Vicinity of Sturbridge Dr in Reading
We has one spot in our basement where water POURS in through the ceiling. This problem occurs when we have a major downpour of rain. It appears that the water is coming through the exterior wall and traveling a single route along the basement ceiling and then through the ceiling tiles.
Vicinity of HIGH BLVD SHILLINGTON PA in Reading
I have an occasional problem with getting water in our basement after several days of heavy rains...before i refinish the space i need to deal with this problem

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