The PowerBrace™ Foundation Wall Repair System Near Philadelphia, Allentown, Norristown

What It Does:

The PowerBrace™ is a patented wall repair system that is designed to stabilize failing basement walls with adjustable brackets for wall straightening over time.

When homes within Pennsylvania and New Jersey have limited property access to the outside of the home it becomes difficult to install wall anchors. When these situations arise, anchoring systems can't be used which is why Supportworks has developed the PowerBrace™ Wall Repair System to avoid outside excavation.

These heavy-duty, zinc-plated steel beams are custom-fitted to your basement wall height and then secured tight against your foundation with steel brackets, that are anchored to your basement floor and floor joists. The PowerBrace™design has the ability to continue to tighten the system during dry seasons for possible wall improvement.

Technical Features of the PowerBrace™

  • Can be tightened to allow for improvement of the wall over time
  • Beam and components are zinc coated so they won't rust
  • Neat and clean appearance in the basement
  • No outside excavation required
  • Written, transferable warranty

At BQ Basement Systems we want to help you restore your bowing, buckling, tilting, or shifting foundation walls back to their original, structurally stable condition. To help you decide if we're the company for you, we offer free foundation wall repair quotes throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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Keep the structural integrity of your foundation intact with a foundation repair by BQ Basement Systems. 

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Foundation wall reinforcement with PowerBrace™

Rusty i-beam foundation wall system.

Sub-par I-beam systems will rust and deteriorate over time. The patented PowerBrace™ system has a zinc-coating that protects it from this kind of corrosion.

When property access is limited outside the home, our foundation specialists will recommend the PowerBrace™ System for your home. Wall-anchors require access to the earth outside of the foundation - making it impossible for some homeowners to consider fixing a failing foundation wall.

Since no outside excavation is required, our PowerBrace™ Wall Repair System offers your home a unique approach to stabilizing and straightening bowing and buckling foundation walls. When installed properly and in the right application, there is not another I-beam system available that offers the benefits of the PowerBrace™.

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Installing the PowerBrace™ Wall System

The PowerBrace™ wall system is a convenient solution for homeowners with failing foundation walls with limited access on the outside of their home. The patented PowerBrace™ can be installed in your foundation with no disruption to the landscaping and soils surrounding your home.

This foundation wall system maintains the integrity of your basement space and installs quickly with a neat and clean appearance. Once the PowerBrace™ wall system has been installed, you'll be ensured that your inward moving walls will immediately and permanently be halted.

Cutting the wall brace system for an i-beam foundation repair in Philadelphia

Customized Wall Brace Fitting

First, heavy-duty, zinc-plated steel beams are custom-fit to your basement wall height. To ensure that your wall system will provide your foundation an everlasting look and performance a special rust-resistant zinc coating is applied to the I-beams and their support hardware.

We recommend that PowerBrace™ applications be reviewed by one of our foundation specialists to confirm that the flooring system of your home can handle the additional load.

Securing the i-beam system to the top of the floor joist in a foundation wall repair.

Securing The Floor Joist Hardware

Next, the beam is then secured tight against your basement wall with heavy-duty steel brackets that are anchored to your basement floor and floor joists. These specially designed brackets are bolted to the floor joist and contain a large-diameter bolt for adjusting and tightening after the installation.

straightening the i-beam system and wall brace.

Fine-Tuning The PowerBrace™ Positions

The PowerBrace™ Foundation Wall System works best when each I-beam is perfectly plumb or vertical. The contractor will use a level to fine-tune the position of each beam in preparation for the next step.

At BQ Basement Systems, we take pride in the lasting quality of each of our installations. We stand by each PowerBrace™ installation with our 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects, as well as our installation warranty.

Mounting the I-beam brace to the slab floor.

Attaching Braces To The Floor

To complete the installation of your PowerBrace™ System, each I-beam will be attached to your concrete foundation floor with a special, bolt-in-place bracket.

Unlike other foundation wall repair methods that install from the inside of the foundation walls, the PowerBrace™ System spans the entire height of the foundation walls. This makes the PowerBrace™ system suitable for repairing walls that bow and buckle from the middle or walls that are sliding inwards from the bottom or tilting inwards from the top.

Straightening a foundation wall with the PowerBrace™ i-beam system.

Wall Straightening

The PowerBrace™ System includes a unique, patented adjustment mechanism that is unlike any other I-beam foundation wall repair system.

The specially designed bracket anchors each I-beam to a floor joist including a long bolt that can be tightened over time to advance the I-beam. This adjustable I-beam can force a bowing or buckling foundation wall back toward its original, vertical & straight position.

Secure your foundation walls with the PowerBrace™

To ensure proper performance of the PowerBrace™ wall repair system, one of our professional foundation contractors will inspect the strength of your floor joists beforehand, to determine if this repair strategy is the best fit for your structural issues.

No matter what's happening with your foundation, we can help! Call us for a free basement wall repair quote today!

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