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Foundation push piers installed around a house with a foundation settlement issues

Strong and stable. Our pier system will permanently solve your foundation settlement problem.

BQ Basement Systems is your locally owned foundation repair contractor within Pennsylvania and New Jersey, serving Philadelphia, Allentown, Lancaster, Bethlehem and nearby. Our company specializes in stabilizing settling foundations with our warrantied pier systems.

Our pier systems combine state-of-the-art technology along with durable galvanized steel to ensure your foundation its best opportunity to permanently stabilize from further settlement.

Benefits of our pier systems:

  • Reduces trip hazards
  • Restores property value
  • Can be installed within a week
  • Permanently stabilizes slab without maintenance

If your home is showing signs of settlement such as cracks in your foundation floor and/or walls pulling down and separating from the ceiling - don't hesitate to call us. Our company has a solution for every foundation obstacle your home may be experiencing from bowing walls to concrete floor cracks.

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Our service area includes: Philadelphia, West Chester, Kennett Square, Allentown, Lancaster, Bethlehem, Devon and cities nearby.

A professional installation of foundation piers will restore value to your property

Foundation settling and shifting can be caused by building a structure on expanding or contracting soil, improperly compacted fill soils, or from poor or erroneous maintenance of the earth around the foundation. Whatever the cause of a settling foundation, this settlement can ruin a building's value and even render it unsafe or unlivable.

With exclusive access to Supportworks engineered piering systems, our company can permanently stabilize your failing or settling foundations. Our foundation piering systems are available in galvanized steel which offers your home long-term strength and corrosion resistance.

Each pier system installation is designed to last and comes with a manufacturer's warranty, as well as your installer's own in-house warranty.

If your home is showing signs of foundation settlement of any kind, BQ Basement Systems can help you. We have a variety of warrantied foundation repair products that can solve settlement issues of all kinds.

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Foundation Piering Products

A foundation push pier system illustration picture

Foundation Push Pier Systems

Push piers, sometimes known as resistance piers, are made of steel and are driven deep into the soil to bedrock or other stable soil layers. Push piers can be installed from the exterior or interior of your home and can provide an opportunity to lift your home back toward its original position, often closing cracks and improving the operation of doors and windows inside your home.

This is the best foundation repair option available when soil conditions are unknown, providing a permanent solution for your settlement issues.

Advantages Of Supportworks Push Piers:

  • Best opportunity to lift home back to original position
  • Minimal disturbance from installation
  • Quick installation compared to other solutions
  • Reaches greater depth than other solutions
  • 25-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Illustration of a foundation helical pier system.

Foundation Helical Pier System

A helical pier is another steel piering system. The first section that is advanced into the ground has one or more bearing plates or helical blades welded to the shaft. Additional sections, or extensions, do not have bearing plates and are used to extend the pier to the necessary installation depth.

Helical piers have a great deal of versatility as a foundation repair solution with the ability to be installed from the exterior or interior of your home and provide an opportunity to lift your home back toward its original position. Helical piers can also be effective at closing cracks caused by settlement and improving the operation of doors and windows.

Advantages Of Supportworks Helical Piers:

  • Year-round installation
  • Minimal disturbance from installation
  • Quick installation compared to other solutions
  • Stabilize lighter structures such as decks or stoops
  • Can lift settled foundations back to original level
  • 25-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Diagram of a foundation slab pier.

Slab Pier System

Slab piers are push piers designed specifically to stabilize and (in some cases) raise slabs that have settled. This type of pier is driven into the soil in the settlement area, deep enough to connect the slab to stable, load-bearing soil or bedrock.

A specially designed bracket connects the top of the pier to the underside of the slab, to stabilize and/or raise the slab back to its original position.

Advantages Of Supportworks Slab Piers:

  • Can extend to great depths to contact stable soil or bedrock
  • Non-destructive repair requiring minimal excavation
  • Completely hidden after installation holes are filled
  • Can help lift a settled slab in addition to stabilizing it, in some cases

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