Foundation Repair Case Studies: Radnor Home stabilized using Helical Piers

Monday, November 27th, 2017 by Thomas Weinert


The windows along two sides of this home were starting to pull out of their frame and exterior cracks developed along the brick veneer. This home was built on a slab and one corner was settling due to unstable soils. PA experienced a minor drought after many months of rain, which caused the soil to shrink and the foundation to settle. The homeowners were in need of a permanent solution before their foundation problem got worse.    


After a thorough evaluation from a Structural Engineer, our System Design Specialist, Harry, designed a permanent solution that would stabilize the settling foundation and prevent the home from moving further. Per the engineer’s recommendations, BQ Basement Systems installed (12) helical piers to stabilize this sinking home.

The foundation team began the installation by excavating the yard to expose the home’s footer. BQ Basement Systems’ helical pier system has a true helix design, which performs a vital role in providing the downward force, or thrust, needed to advance a pile (or pier) to the bearing depth. The piers are mechanically advanced into the soil to the recommended depth & capacity. 

Once each pier reaches the stable soil, the heavy-duty foundation bracket is installed and secured to the home’s footing. The weight of the home was then transferred to the helical pier system providing immediate stabilization. The excavated dirt was then returned and a layer of fresh grass seed was spread. The homeowners were able to have their home permanently stabilized without major disruption to their property. 

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