Work Requests in Feasterville Trevose

BQ Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Feasterville Trevose. Learn more about BQ Basement Systems's recent work requests in Feasterville Trevose and nearby areas!

Learn more about BQ Basement Systems' recent work requests in Feasterville Trevose, PA
Vicinity of Lindbergh Avenue in Feasterville Trevose
The sidewalk leading from the street to the front porch/door has three concrete slabs that have lifted/dropped. I would like to get them leveled out. Could you please provide me with a quote to fix using your PolyLEVEL system? I can email pictures of it to you if it can save someone a trip out to estimate.
Vicinity of Woodbine Ave in Feasterville Trevose
I had my crawlspace waterproofed about 5 years ago. The sump pump systems they installed as well as the vapor barrier are ok, however there is still a humidity and mold issue. Not big but enough to be a concern. I am wondering about next steps in terms of ventilation and mold prevention.
Vicinity of Crocus Rd in Feasterville Trevose
Crawlspace waterproofing request quote
Vicinity of Lake Rd in Feasterville Trevose
Water I. Basement
Vicinity of Village Dr in Feasterville Trevose
Water in basement during heavy rain
Vicinity of Spruce Ave in Feasterville Trevose
Need an estimate on basement waterproofing. Approximately 100 line feet.
Vicinity of E. Myrtle Avenue in Feasterville Trevose
The floor in my kitchen which extends to the main bedroom is sloping. I would like to find someone who can level it and keep it from sloping more. There is a beam that supports the floor underneath and then a crawl space below that.
Vicinity of E. Pine Street in Feasterville Trevose
I have a 2 story shed that was built into an inclining part of my backyard. The first floor is made of cinder blocks and mortar, and the back wall is mostly underground (like a basement). There has been water coming in the back wall for a long time now. I had someone fill in the back wall with concrete last year, but water still keeps coming in. I also have tried Drylok paint and that did not work either. I belive something may need to be done to the exerior, such as a french drain.
Vicinity of Reading Ave in Feasterville Trevose
Sealing basement
Vicinity of Crooked Rd in Feasterville Trevose
I would like a estimate to spray foam my crawl space. I get a lot of drafts coming up n I know I'm throwing money out the window.
Vicinity of Manor Lane in Feasterville Trevose
12 x20 foot kitchen. Pier and beam foundation w small crawl space. Very old, like 1930 or something. The floor is sunken around the perimeters. The rest of the house is on a basement/slab and is fine. It's just this part of the house. Major obstacle, you can not get heavy machinery to my house. There is no access. You have to cross a footbridge to gain access to property. Is this a job your interested in considering that big obstacle? If so, I am looking at around a 15k budget, is that even in line with the job?
Vicinity of Heather Rd in Feasterville Trevose
Musty oder in crawl space.
Vicinity of Wunder Ave in Feasterville Trevose
Hi I have a new home built in 2008. I have a Basement excape window well I would like to take that out and get a PermEntry Basement Entrance put in I would like to know the cost to have it installed. Thanks
Vicinity of in Feasterville Trevose
We have been getting water in our basement and we found one of the main sources of the water. There is a tiny hole in the concrete floor that water spills out of with heavy rain. We also believe there may be water getting in from other areas around the wall. We do not have a sump pump and the house was built in the 1950's. We have a full, unfinished basement. Thanks.
Vicinity of Fox Hollow Drive in Feasterville Trevose
In my crawl space, water occasionally enters and puddles near one corner, and seeps through just a bit in another. It's not that bad now, but would like to address the problem before it becomes worse. Thanks

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