Crawl Space Mold: Where it Comes From

Identifying Why Crawl Spaces Grow Mold & How to Control it

To Survive, Mold Needs:

  1. Warmth
  2. Moisture
  3. Food

Your crawl space will always be warm enough for mold, and there'll always be wood, and other organic materials there for mold to eat.

The only way you can control mold is to eliminate crawl space moisture and humidity at its source.

If you've ever had to kill a weed, you know that simply cutting away the visible portion is not enough. To kill a weed permanently, you have to remove it by the roots — its source of life.

Like weeds, mold and fungi cannot be killed simply by wiping the visible portion away. Mold spores are almost always present, just waiting for a chance to grow. The only way to truly control mold growth in a home is to eliminate the bare necessities it needs to live.

At B.Q. Basement Systems, we are experts at creating crawl space environments where mold and rot cannot thrive. 

We stop the problem by eliminating what helps it grow- specifically moisture and humidity. For a free dry crawl space quote, call or e-mail us today!

B.Q. Basement Systems operates in the Eastern PA & Western NJ area, including Pottstown, PA, Trenton NJ and many areas nearby.

Rot & Mold in a Crawl Space

To survive, mold needs three things: some warmth, organic materials to eat, and a relative humidity of 60% or higher.

Mold is very tolerant to heat and cold — it grows in refrigerators, and it will certainly survive in your crawl space. Mold can also survive by eating just about any organic material, including wood, fiberglass resins and paper backings, cardboard, dust, and organic materials in soils.

However, mold has one important weakness: it needs lots of humidity to survive. This can be controlled by sealing off the crawl space vents, installing a plastic vapor barrier on the walls and floor, and running a dehumidifier in the space.

Sources of Crawl Space Moisture & Mold

Natural Sources Man-Made Problems
  • Groundwater Leaking into the Crawl Space from the ground below
  • Water flooding in through the crawl space vents and pipe penetrations
  • Water vapor entering through your dirt or concrete walls and floors
  • Failing over overworked dehumidifiers
  • Plumbing leaks or sewage leaks
  • Failing water heaters leaks

a wet, moldy crawl space in PA
A damp, moldy crawl space before sealing

a crawl space liner installed in a damp crawl space
After the crawl space liner was installed

Controlling Mold & Rot in a Crawl Space

Mold and rot in a crawl space is a serious & insidious problem. While the problem may seem merely cosmetic at first, allowing it to continue to thrive can lead to the following:

  • Rotting timbers and structural wood
  • Sinking floors above the crawl space
  • Drywall cracks in the home above the crawl space
  • Unhealthy, allergenic mold spores in the home

The most common reason for crawl space mold is vented or dirt crawl spaces. Open crawl space vents bring in the summer humidity, snow, rain, fog, and other sources of moisture — all of which creates a good habitat for mold. Additionally, winter cold will cool crawl space utilities such as furnaces or water heaters, costing you more on your utility bills.

Fortunately, sealing the crawl space to prevent these problems is a simple job — one that can be completed in a day or sometimes less.

The vents should be sealed off with airtight covers, and a thick, durable liner can be installed on the walls and floor. Airtight crawl space doors can be installed, and an energy efficient crawl space dehumidifier should be installed to dry out any existing moisture & maintain the space.

If you'd like to find out how much installing a system like this in your home would cost, BQ Basement Systems would be happy to help.

We provide free crawl space sealing estimates to homeowners in our area, including an on-site inspection, personal consultation, and written quotes. Call or e-mail us today to get started!

Crawl Space Mold Gallery - Click on any image below to see the full size.
moldy crawlspace moldy crawlspace moldy crawlspace
moldy crawlspace moldy crawlspace moldy crawlspace
moldy crawlspace moldy crawlspace

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