Work Requests in Bryn Mawr

BQ Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Bryn Mawr. Learn more about BQ Basement Systems's recent work requests in Bryn Mawr and nearby areas!

Learn more about BQ Basement Systems' recent work requests in Bryn Mawr, PA
Vicinity of Clemson Road in Bryn Mawr
When you are in the neighborhood, I would appreciate an idea as to what can/should be done to cure a sometimes wet basement.
Vicinity of Fairfax Rd in Bryn Mawr
We just dodged this Irene bullet and would like to be better prepared for the next time. We have a sump pump which, although old, works well. We do get water bubbling up a hole in the floor and seeping through a wall. We'd like you advice on what we should do to be more confident. A second sump pump? French drain? Battery back up? Generator?
Vicinity of Rodney Circle in Bryn Mawr
Hi - I was referred by a friend in a similar house who had used BQ for sump pump maintenance. I currently have a functional sump pump, but there is no battery back up and it makes a lot of noise. I'd like to get a quote for having a battery back up put in as well as a fix for the noise (it makes a loud bang when turning off). It also needs a cover (the old owner never covered the system).
Vicinity of Drakes Drum Drive in Bryn Mawr
Partially finished. We had water in the basement for the first time during the storm 2 weeks ago. We think a solid whiffle ball in our gutter was the culprit but we'd like for you to come and take a look just to make sure.
Vicinity of Crestmont Rd in Bryn Mawr
Hello, we are preparing to lay stone and vinyl flooring in part of our basement that previously had a hydrostatic water pressure issue, causing the old asbestos tile to buckle and the concrete to effervesce. This has been largely corrected with a new roof, gutters, downspouts properly draining away from the house, and regrading (although we did find two puddles after the rains last night)! As insurance we want to install a sump pump, and you were recommended by our home inspector. We'd like to get an estimate as soon as possible. Thank you
Vicinity of Morlyn Avenue in Bryn Mawr
Leaks when it rains heavy, powdering/flaking on walls.
Vicinity of Rees Ave in Bryn Mawr
I have several problems in my basement which need to be fixed to stop the water from getting in. I've been able to identify and have fixed some gutter problems, my neighbors's roof problem. I have 3 more to be fixed. The most difficult is the crawl space under the mud room. It needs a vapor sheld and grading. I also need to identify the source of the water on the side of the house. This could be a gutter drain.
Vicinity of Millbank Road in Bryn Mawr
We have dampness along the wood in our basement. It is a house from the 1930s and has a stone foundations I think.
Vicinity of Morlyn Avenue in Bryn Mawr
Our neighbor have used your company in the past for waterproofing and installing a second sump pump. I would like to schedule an inspection of my basement and existing sump pump.

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