Waterproof Basement Floor Matting Installed Near Philadelphia, Allentown, Norristown

While most homeowners love the combination of beauty and function provided by our finished flooring, there are other homeowners who prefer a specific, custom design, or one that perfectly matches the finished rooms above.

If you have your heart set on a carpeting design that's not offered in our finishing system, we have a solution for you!

At BQ Basement Systems, we are certified installers of ThermalDry® Basement Floor Matting - a waterproof sub floor product designed specifically for basement finishing.

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ThermalDry® Basement Sub Floor Matting

The ThermalDry® Matts have an interlocking system that installs without the need for glues or adhesives. It is long-lasting and durable enough to outlast the carpet above it.

Prevent Mold Growth In Your Basement With ThermalDry® Flooring

Traditional carpeting, wood products, adhesives, and other organic materials are inappropriate materials to install directly on a basement concrete floor.

Concrete is a porous, absorbent material. If there is any moisture or water in the dirt outside of your home, this concrete is going to let it pass through.

If you have organic carpeting or wood on your floor, it will soak up that moisture. Eventually, these materials will grow mold, and wood floors may warp and buckle.

Plastic and chipboard sub flooring sounds like a better idea in theory, but it comes with one major design flaw. When installed, each floor tile has about ⅛" of chipboard exposed directly to the basement floor. This will take on moisture just as easily as any other sub floor material. Of course, if your have a leak from your washing machine, water heater, pipes, or through the foundation, these materials will also be ruined.

Wood Sub Flooring = Mold

Traditional basement finishing uses a wood subfloor with carpet on top.When this wood sub floor gets damp, it will rot, buckle, and grow mold. As humidity rises up naturally through the concrete floor, it accumulates under these floors..

Sources of Basement Moisture

  • Leaky Washing Machines
  • Failed Water Heaters
  • Old Basement Windows
  • Foundation Flooding
  • Bursting Pipes
  • Upper Level Plumbing
  • Humidity from Concrete

Basement Sub Floor Systems

If you're finishing your basement floor, there are four common methods used by contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners to install carpeting:

  • Install the carpet directly on the concrete.
  • Build a wood subfloor on the concrete, then install the carpet on top.
  • Lay down a plastic and chipboard sub floor system underneath the carpet.
  • Place a waterproof sub floor underneath the carpet.

ThermalDry® Basement subfloor tiles

ThermalDry® Floor Matting, available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey by BQ Basement Systems, is an appropriate sub floor installing wall-to-wall carpeting or padding in a finished basement. These award-winning interlocking tiles create a vapor barrier on your concrete floor that will keep humidity from affecting your custom carpeting on top. These tiles are compatible with tack strips, and should outlast several generations of basement carpeting..

As an added benefit, ThermalDry® floor tiles have a special design that lifts them off the basement floor. This creates a thermal break underneath that will make the surface of your ThermalDry® tiles 8-10 degrees warmer than the cold concrete below!

In the event of a basement flood, normal carpeting will not generally be as easy to dry as our finished basement floor systems. However, it will provide you with a world of options when you're upgrading or finishing your basement!

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