Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Wet Basement Repair in Doylestown, PA

Monday, November 27th, 2017 by Thomas Weinert


The basement in this Doylestown, PA home was used as the main recreational area of the home. The homeowners had created a lively, fun environment that they could enjoy playing pool or watching a film in their in home theatre. Unfortunately, their space was becoming taken over by intruding moisture after heavy precipitation.

Finally, at their wits end after years of vacuuming up water that would flood the basement floor and losing many items to mold, the homeowner’s called BQ Basement Systems for reliable and professional help


After completing a full inspection of the interior and exterior of the basement, System Design Specialist, Harry, designed a solution that would meet the challenges the homeowners were faced with by keeping the basement permanently dry without major excavation of the yard. Water was entering the basement due to a failing french drain system that was never serviced or fixed. The basement was in need of an interior serviceable drainage system that would not clog over time; a sump pump that would safely pump water out of the basement and a self-draining dehumidifier that would keep humidity levels low and prevent mold from ruining the household materials in the basement.
The Basement team at BQ Basement Systems began the transformation by jackhammering a small trench out of the interior perimeter concrete. Weep holes were drilled into the bottom of the block walls to drain water out of the walls and into the BasementGutter interior drainage system. Unlike other interior drainage options that will become clogged by silt and sediment over time, the BasementGutter system is engineered not to sit in the dirt and can be serviced at any time, on any wall.
Once the BasementGutter drainage system is installed, the intruding water is then intercepted and drained into the SafeDri triple sump pump that safely pumps water out of the crawl space and away from the home through (2) two discharge lines. The SafeDri triple sump pump is the most reliable pumping system, with three Zoeller pumps to ensure the basement will remain dry, even in the event of a power outage. The airtight lid prevents water vapor from escaping back into the basement to ensure the area remains moisture free.
Now that the groundwater problem has been eradicated by the full perimeter BasementGutter system and SaniDry triple sump pump, the team needed to control the humidity levels in the basement and remove active mold spores in the air by installing the BQ high performance, self-draining dehumidifier. The BasementGutter system works in cooperation with the BQ dehumidifier by allowing the dehumidifier to self-drain into the BasementGutter system.
The homeowners are excited to have reclaimed their basement from the fight again intruding water. The full perimeter BasementGutter System with SafeDri triple sump pump and BQ dehumidifier will keep the basement dry, mold-free and filled with conditioned air for many years to come.

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