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Sump Pump Replacement in Holtwood, Pa

Our team installed this Triplesafe Sump Pump at a home in Holtwood, PA. Our Triplesafe sump pump comes not only with a back up battery, but with a lifetime warranty. Our Triplesafe sump pump can handle any storm! If you're having water issues in your basement, contact us today to schedule a free estimate! 

Sump Pump Replacement in Columbia, PA

This homeowner in Lancaster County needed to replace his old outdated outdated sump pump. The old sump pump was not operating properly causing the home to fill with moisture leaving stains on the walls. The BQ Basement Systems team new the TripleSafe Sump Pump system was the perfect replacement for this old sump pump.

The TripleSafe Sump Pump includes a Zoeller M53 cast-iron sump pump as well as a Battery Backup Sump Pump. Both systems are housed in a larger, double-chambered sump pump liner with an additional backup sump pump- the Zoeller 1/2 horsepower M98. With the Zoeller M98's ability to pump out over 4,300 gallons per hour, it can kick on when the smaller M53 is overwhelmed, pumping back water and keeping even the heaviest flooding well under control. With both sump pumps running simultaneously, your system will pump out nearly 7,000 gallons per hour. And if the power goes out, your battery backup is ready to take over. Now THAT'S protection!

The TripleSafe sump pump was the ideal upgrade to keeping this home permanently waterproofed! With the help of the TripleSafe sump pump this Lancaster, Pa basement will be protected and able to handle any unwanted water that might leak in.


Basement Waterproofing in East Earl, PA

These homeowners in East Earl, PA wanted to repair the water damage in their basement and prevent any further damage to their home. They decided to reach out to BQ Basement Systems for a permanent solution. The system design specialist recommended a WaterGuard, CleanSpace, and a SuperSump Sump Pump system to ensure no further damage could be done to her home.
The BQ team got straight to work installing the new permanent waterproofing system. The WaterGuard drainage system was installed around the perimeter of the basement to collect all water that enters in the home and directs that water to the sump pump. Th CleanSpace system installed on the wall will seals the wall from leaking water, which prevents mold build-up.
Thanks to the BQ team these East Earl homeowners now have a lifetime warrantied waterproofed basement with a lifetime warranty.

Continuous Basement Flooding in Kennett Square, PA

Tim had to rip out drywall and carpet due to his flooded basement, causing alot of work and inconvenience for him and his family.  BQ Basement Systems installed a full perimeter WaterGuard drainage system, along with a TripleSafe Sump Pump system.  Tim and his family are now enjoying a dry, finished family room.

Wet Basement in Downingtown, PA

Take a look at this wet basement transformation. This basement was flooding and water was leaking through the stone walls. The wet basement was causing a musty smell throughout the whole house. We waterproofed the basement, installing a french drain around the parameter along with a SuperSump sump pump to drain out any water. We also installed a CleanSpace liner along the walls to direct all moisture into the french drain and then into the SuperSump sump Pump. This solution is permanent and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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