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Here at BQ Basement Systems, we've been fixing wet basements in neighborhoods like yours since 2004. Our certified technicians have the expertise you need to get the job done quickly, effectively, and permanently. There's no job too large or small -- and there's no wet basement we can't fix!

We proudly offer our expert services in Philadelphia, Allentown, Norristown, and the surrounding areas. 

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We are professional Basement Systems® Inc. dealers, granting BQ Basement Systems access to proven products and expert training to provide the most effective and long-term solutions for wet basements. Their products have been keeping basements dry in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom since 1987.

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How we solve your basement waterproofing problems in Greater Philadelphia

Beyond adding comfort and eliminating dangerous allergens, waterproofing your basement can add value to your property. A home with a wet basement can be much more difficult to sell. In fact, a wet basement is one of the most serious "red flags" that deters buyers. The good news: we offer waterproofing products and services to help solve your basement problems fast. Our solutions include:

  • Sump pump repair
  • Sump pump installation
  • Replacement filters
  • Waterproof wall and floor products
  • Wall and floor crack repairs
  • Replacement windows
  • Water heater flood protection
  • Mold testing & remediation

Our system comes with a lifetime written warranty that's transferable to the next owner, so not only does our system restore value to your house, but it also gives homeowners and buyers confidence that their home is protected.

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“Thanks to BQ I now have had no issues with my leaking basement for the past two years!”

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Joe R. of York, PA

“They had great employees throughout the office staff down to the crew! Overall wonderful experience!”

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Cynthia Y. of Landenberg, PA

“The job that was done by BQ was very good. The crew was very professional and courteous. The office staff, the salesman and his presentation were very good,...”

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E. W. of Kennet Square, PA

“I had PolyLevel done on my walkway toward my front door.”

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Ann E. of Kennett Square, PA

“Completely satisfied.”

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K.S. of Honey Brook, PA

“very pleasant and polite”

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K.S. of Honey Brook, PA

Leaking and Wet Basement Walls

leaky basement walls

Cracked, leaking basement walls decrease the comfort, value  and safety of your home. Water will have an easier way through these cracks to create moisture problems in your basements, contributing to foundation damage, mold growth and other related issues. 

Materials that are porous or let water in, like concrete walls, act like sponges in that water and vapor can seep and sink through the porous material and into your basement. If you've had concrete that was damp and a few days later dried, this has happened to you.

If you are in Philadelphia, Allentown, Norristown, Reading, Levittown, Bensalem, Morrisville, Lansdale, Doylestown, Pottstown, or surrounding areas, contact us today for your free, no obligation estimate to repair the leaking walls in your basement!

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Signs Of A Basement Crack

  • Vertical, horizontal, or stair-step wall cracks
  • Cracked concrete slab/basement floor
  • Musty smells
  • Dampness
  • Water leaks or seepage
  • Efflorescence (white, chalky stains)
  • High level of radon detected

Our basement leaking solutions

Repaired waterproofed basement window leak in Levittown

A waterproof seal. Prevent future leaks with our basement window sealing system.

  • Basement Floor Cracks: Water can rise directly through the porous concrete of your floor slab, a problem that's exacerbated when there's a crack. When you have water coming through the floor, the first step is installing a perimeter drain system. We can also install a direct drainage channel, which will help direct any water that comes through the crack into the drain and your sump pump. Finally, we will backfill the crack with stone and cover it with fresh concrete to prevent future leaks.
  • Basement Wall Cracks: The soil around your foundation is filled with water, and even the smallest crack will allow this groundwater to seep into your basement. Much like with floor cracks, the first step to repairing a leaky wall crack is installing one of our drainage systems. We then use an innovative polyurethane sealant called FlexiSpan® to seal the crack. This flexible sealant will never dry or crack and can flex to the natural movement of your foundation wall, ensuring a completely waterproofing seal.
  • Basement Leaky Windows: Window frames break down over time, creating separation and allowing water to seep past seals. Once again, the first step for repairing window leaks is a drainage system that funnels the water to your sump pump. We will then create a small hole in the wall under the basement window with a plastic fitting that directs any water into the drainage system. This is then sealed with a polymer injection for a clean, waterproof finish.

Exterior Excavation

Heavy equipment is brought in to dig out the entire perimeter of the basement. New drain lines are installed, and sometimes a waterproof coating is applied to foundation walls. This waterproofing strategy is expensive and often damages lawn and garden areas. Exterior drains are prone to clogging with silt and roots over time.

Interior Subfloor Drain

This drain line is installed underneath the basement floor, just inside the foundation walls. The hidden drainage system brings water to a sump pit, where a sump pump automatically pumps it outside. Also known as a French Drain, this system is not prone to clogging; it’s reliable and easy to service.

Interior Baseboard System

A hollow plastic baseboard is installed along the base of basement walls to form a drainage channel that directs water to a sump pump system. A baseboard-type drainage system is sometimes recommended when the basement slab is too thin to accommodate a French Drain.

Negative-side Sealant

This waterproofing technique involves "painting" basement walls and floors with a waterproof, cement-based coating that's supposed to seal out moisture. Even when applied correctly, this thin membrane usually fails in response to prolonged hydrostatic pressure from outside the foundation.

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