Where Is This Basement Water Coming From?

Water seepage into the basement comes mainly from the hydrostatic pressure that water in the ground puts on the foundation of your home, and typically the water will squeeze through the seam where the foundation wall and floor meet. Solving this problem is one of Brian Quinn’s specialties.

At BQ Basement Systems, the WaterGuard system is used to permanently deal with water seepage on top of the footing and outside of the mud zone, where the average system is installed. The mud zone is, as you might expect, where water and soil meet to create mud, and this can permanently disable any water piping already in place.

The WaterGuard is installed right at the seam where water penetrates; channeling the unwanted fluid to the low point of the house where the sump pump can remove it. The water is pumped 10 feet or further from the house so it cannot re-enter the home.

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