Problems in a Crawl Space and Solutions

A vented, dirt crawl space is an area of the house most homeowners don't want crawl under, or even think about. They are dirty, smelly and bug infested places, which are also know to harbor rodents, wildlife, and mold. Homeowners mistakenly believe that because the crawl space is "outside" it doesn't affect the house or the family. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. Dirty, vented, moldy crawl spaces affect your home's value, your family's health, increases your energy bills, and, if left untreated, dry rot can seriously compromise the structural integrity of your house. 

Due to the way the air moves inside the house, air from the crawl space is consistently being sucked upstairs. If your house sites on a dirt, vented crawl space, 1/3 of the air you and your family breath is coming straight from there, carrying all the mold spores, dust mites, foul odors and pollutants into your living space. 

While all that humid, unconditioned air is leaking into your living area through the crawl space your heating and cooling system is also working much harder to keep up.

BQ Basement Systems offers the innovative CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System, developed by Basement Systems - the company that pioneered the crawl space encapsulation technology in the world. 

The CleanSpace system is comprised of a series of patented and award-winning products developed to address crawl space drainage and moisture issues. Crawl space drainage systems, powerful sump pump systems, a sturdy, multi -layer, UV treated vapor barrier with a built-in antimicrobial layer to prevent mold growth and the most powerful and energy efficient crawl space dehumidifier in industry!

Don't settle for general contractors or copy-cat systems to solve your crawl space problems, trust the experts at BQ Basement Systems! We've been successfully solving crawl space problems in Philadelphia and nearby areas since 2004!

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