Basement Waterproofing Problems and Solutions

Brian Quinn, owner of BQ Basement Systems explains basement humidity, basement mold sources and how to eliminate moisture and mold sources in the basement. 
In Philadelphia, specially in Montgomery County which is within BQ Basement Systems service area, many houses are very old, with lime covered stone walls and thin concrete slab floors. 

The walls and floors of a basement sit against wet dirt. Stone walls and concrete are naturally porous and leaky. Ground water is constantly seeping through and evaporating, creating the cave-like conditions we find in most basements. 

High humidity in basements favor mold growth. To grow, mold needs only a combination of three things: high moisture, warmth, and a food source: organic material. Your home will always be warm enough to support mold growth. Even if you don't store organic materials in the basement, household dust has enough organic matter to feed mold. The only thing you can control in your basement is humidity. 

BQ Basement Systems has the perfect solution for basement humidity: Sanidry dehumidifiers. Sanidry XP can remove 110 pints of water per day, and its powerful blowing motor is strong enough to duct air into a finished basement space, while the unit itself is stored in an unfinished area. The SaniDry XP Basement Air System can dehumidify and filter your air at the same time and is three times more efficient than common hardware store dehumidifiers. Its powerful blower allows it to dehumidify up to 2,500 square feet.

When it comes to protecting your basement against mold, moisture and musty odors there is no match for the SaniDry XP. So powerful, it is like a dehumidifier on steroids!

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