Brian Quinn talks about Basement Humidity in Philadelphia

If you have a dehumidifier in your basement, and it is still damp and mildewy, then there's an obvious conclusion: it's not doing its job.

Dehumidifiers are often set to automatically shut off when the space is dry enough. If it doesn't shut off, then the dehumidifier is never creating an acceptable dry level. If your dehumidifier includes a collection tray, you can expect it to fill with water about once every 12 hours or so. If you're only emptying it once a week, then it's hardly ever working at all!

It can be difficult when shopping for a proper dehumidifier but B.Q. Basement Systems, greater Philadelphia's basement and crawl space environment expert offers the SanidryXP Systems. The have all the features you want in a basement dehumidifier. SanidryXP is self emptying, so there is no trays to empty, it is energy efficient, and so powerful, it us like a dehumidifier on steroids!

Sanidry XP can remove 110 pints of water per day, and its powerful blowing motor is strong enough to duct air into a finished basement space, while the unit itself is stored in an unfinished area. 

The SaniDry XP Basement Air System can dehumidify and filter your air at the same time and is three times more efficient than common hardware store dehumidifiers. Its powerful blower allows it to dehumidify up to 2,500 square feet.

BQ also offer smaller, energy efficient dehumidifiers for crawl spaces too!

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