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Can you imagine finding a small pond on your front steps every single time it rains? That is what was happening to Loretta S. for over 20 years! A slab in front of her Philadelphia, PA home.  All because of a sinking concrete slab. One day she had the opportunity to watch a 10 minute presentation about BQ Basement System's revolutionary PolyLEVEL™ Concrete Lifting and Leveling System and decided that it was the best solution for her problem. In this video, Loretta speaks about her experience with BQ who according to hr provided "beyond WOW Service!". They arrived there earlier than the scheduled appointment, and about how fast was the entire application. "I was sitting on my sofa when the alarm on my phone went off to remind me that they were coming at 11:00 am. They were done and gone before they were even supposed to be there. It was amazing!"
Loretta S. of Philadelphia, PA
Sheryl F. from Fort Washington, PA lived in fear that she would trip and get hurt by walking in and out of her house. Some of the concrete slabs in the walkway were sinking and unleveled. When she heard that BQ Basement Systems could easily, quickly and affordably fix the problem with the exclusive PolyLEVEL Systems, she called them for an estimate. Sheryl was very impressed with the entire experience, from the first contact. The inspection process was very thorough, and the design specialist took the time to explain to her exactly what and how things were going to get done, so she felt very comfortable with the entire scope of the project.The application process was also very impressive."They drilled two holes, shot the PolyLEVEL foam into the cement and it was like magic! It just lifted it up and it was perfect!" -- says Sheryl. "BQ is just WOW! From start to finish I was 100% satisfied, and the result was perfect!"
Sheryl F. of Fort Washington, PA
https://www.bqbasementsystems.com | 1-833-548-8496 Donna D.'s home in Wyndmoor, PA had a leaky basement that she really wanted fixed. With two teenage children, she was planning to transform the basement in a space for them. She called three different companies for an estimate, but they were either unclear about the solutions they provided, unreliable or just wouldn't return her calls. Unable to trust any of them she postponed the project for almost a year, until a neighbor recommended BQ Basement Systems. In this video she speaks about her experience with the company, and the results after the project was completed.
Donna D. of Wyndmoor, PA, CT
Thanks to BQ I now have had no issues with my leaking basement for the past two years!
Joe R. of York, PA
Tuesday, May 9th
I chose BQ over their competitors because they have advanced technology at a reasonable price! They had great employees throughout the office staff down to the crew! Overall wonderful experience!
Cynthia Y. of Landenberg, PA
Friday, July 1st
The job that was done by BQ was very good. The crew was very professional and courteous. The office staff, the salesman and his presentation were very good, too. The cleanup was better than any other company's crews that had done work at my house in the past! I met BQ at a Home Show in the area. Thank you very much - you've removed a lot of worries from us and the experience was pleasant!
E. W. of Kennet Square, PA
Tuesday, June 6th
The walkway was causing family members to trip, and get hurt until I called BQ, who then put in PolyLevel, raising the concrete to remove the tripping hazard. This was very quick and left my house spotless!
Ann E. of Kennett Square, PA
Saturday, July 2nd
I was completely satisfied witht the job done, the crew was very pleasant and polite and the office staff was excellent. The sales man was very good and the crew did a very clean job. I found BQ Basement Systems on the internet and overall it was just a positive experience - thank you!
K.S. of Honey Brook, PA
Tuesday, June 6th
I was completely satisfied with the job done, the crew was very pleasant and polite! They did a very clean job. The office staff was EXCELLENT!! The salesman and his presentation were very good! This was a very positive experience. Thank you!
K.S. of Honey Brook, PA
The crew was very polite, professional, and open to our needs. The experience I had was wonderful and the rep was superb. I was referred by a home inspector and was very satisfied with the job. I would advise anyone to choose BQ for all things basementy! The waterguard, super/ultra sump pumps, iceguard, and sunhouse window installation all worked wonderfully. 
Patricia A. of Honey Brook, PA
Tuesday, February 10th
We were very satisfied with the work that was done, the crew was courteous, professional and all information was explained. The office staff was excellent and the salesman was just as good as the crew. I had been looking for a sump pump system for some time that would do all the functions of the Triple Safe Pump.
R.R. of Reinholds, PA
Tuesday, June 6th
I was very satisfied with the job done, the crew was professional. The office staff was pleasant and Columba (salesman) was perfect. The cleanup was great.
R.B. of Thorndale, PA
I was very satisfied with the service. The crew was very professional and the office staff and salesman were both great.
D.M. of Wilmington, DE
The job looks good! The crew was very professional and the office staff was very helpful. The salesman was good, but he should use more photos. The clean up was great. I was referred to BQ by a home inspector.
D.W. of West Chester, PA
We were satisfied with the job BQ had done with our crawl space. The crew was nice and polite. The office staff was excellent and the salesman's presentation was very knowledgeable. The cleanup was good. I had heard about BQ at a home show and I just want to thank BQ for the Sani Dry System, it's great!
D. M. of West Chester, PA
Tuesday, June 6th
We are satisfied with the job BQ did, as long as it continues to keep out pests - great! The crew was very nice, explained everything/answered all our questions. The office staff was courteous and prompt. The salesmen gave a great presentation, answered all questions. The clean up was great, the guys took time to keep my rugs covered and cleaned up very well at the end of the day. 
K.Z. of West Chester, PA
When I decided to do something about my patio, I looked in the yellow pages, but nothing was there, that's when my neighbor told me about you! The office staff was courteous and helpful. Greg Marren was very helpful. He explained the entire operation to me. When he was finished, I had no questions. The installation crew arrived on time and was courteous. Before the work crew started, Brian took the time to show me everything the crew was going to do. You are very lucky to have a crew like them!
William B. of West Chester, PA
Thursday, November 5th
We were very satisfied with the job BQ Basement Systems installed for us. We were having cold air come up through the flooring in our kitchen. The dog bowls were even freezing when we woke up in the morning! Since then we have no more issues with a cold floor thanks to the cleanspace crawl space. 
Debbie M. of West Chester , PA
Thursday, December 18th
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