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How does Gutter Shutter work?

Gutter Shutter completely encloses and protects. There are no vertical openings for water or clogging debris to enter, and no screens, inserts or filters to clog. Rainwater flows over and around the nose of the Gutter Shutter by the simple physical law of water surface tension. It's just like the way water clings to the side of a glass when it's poured. The Gutter Shutter System has more surface tension than any other system. This will afford you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you no longer will be putting anyone's health or safety at risk that comes with climbing the ladder to clean your gutters. Your fascia is no longer at risk of additional rotting as the exclusive High Back system ensures your board is covered in aluminum, adding to Gutter Shutter's water management features.

How is The Gutter Shutter System attached to my home?

The Gutter Shutter system attaches to the home using our unique, patent pending GutterStud, the heart of the system. Unlike typical systems that use an inexpensive plastic or glass filled polypropylene bracket, the Gutter Stud is made mostly from a virgin nylon material which will not shift due to material breakdown because of weather conditions and is applied to the fascia using only two 3-inch galvanized screws, no nails or rivets, spaced every 24 inches on the board in a vertical fashion, ensuring permanent attachment to the home. Installation procedures are the utmost importance on this home feature and the Gutter Shutter users factory trained applicators with the vast experience in our leaf and debris free systems treatment to ensure your satisfaction in performance!

How long after the PolyLevel injection can you walk on the concrete?

The concrete is ready for use in just 15 minutes!

How to level existing concrete sidewalk?

To level an existing concrete sidewalk our crew injects PolyLevel foam into the sidewalk through a pea-sized hole. 

Is PolyLevel environmentally friendly?

Yes! PolyLevel is environmentally friendly.

Is The Gutter Shutter System larger than standard gutters?

The Gutter Shutter System is 6", so it carries 20% more water than 5" standard gutters.

What is the paint warranty for the gutters?

The Gutter Shutter System has a 20-year paint warranty.

What is the warranty for The Gutter Shutter System?

Gutter Shutter comes with a lifetime no clog, no pull warranty. Our gutters are guaranteed to never clog of fill with debris and to not pull away from your home.

What product is used on concrete to lift and level it?

We use PolyLevel foam to lift and level concrete.

Will Clog-Free Gutters work on my steep roof?

The steeper the roof, the better Gutter Shutter performs. The funny thing about roofs is that the steeper they get, the less water they catch. A flat roof catches all of the rain that falls over it. As you begin to tilt a flat roof upward, angling its surface to the rain, you reduce the surface area that can catch rain and reduce the total amount of rain to be handled by the gutter. Granted, the water that is caught will flow faster but, fast water flow has no effect on how Gutter Shutter performs.

Will leaves and debris get into The Gutter Shutter System?

No! The Gutter Shutter System is made to keep anything that will clog the gutters. Gutter Shutter has a rolled hood to keep debris out and water in by liquid adhesion. The top of the hood also has tiny holes to let water in.

Will water spill over the edge of the gutter in heavy rain?

The Gutter Shutter system has been designed and tested to handle the heaviest rainfalls. Both the 5" and the 6" hood have exclusive flow reducers that slow the water coming off your roof. However, it's the principle of surface tension that keeps the water flowing into the gutter. Surface tension isn't affected by the amount or speed of the water flowing so even in the heaviest rainfalls, Gutter Shutter will still work smoothly.

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