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Fighting Asthma and Allergies in Philadelphia

Allergies and asthma in Philadelphia are no joke. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Philadelphia is the 3rd Most Challenging City to live in if you have asthma (2015 report) and the 21st Most Challenging Place to live in with spring allergies (2016). Create a healthy indoor environment using these tips!

Erdenheim, PA - May 30, 2016

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With the majority of the facts which affect the severity of allergy and asthma out of our control, how can you combat allergens?

One of the biggest contributors to allergy and asthma symptoms is mold.  Mold spores spread though the air and can increase the severity of allergy symptoms as well as cause health issues of their own.  Mold can only survive in a moist environment, so one of the easiest ways to protect against mold growth and mold spores is to install a home dehumidifier.  Keeping the humidity levels in your home below 50% will halt current mold growth and prevent any new mold from growing.

Like mold dust mites are major contributors to asthma and allergy problems.  The real problem with dust mites is their waste, which creates negative skin reactivity for 90% of patients according to The American Family Physician.  Since dust mites need moisture in the air to breed, a dehumidifier reduces dust mite populations and filters them out of your home's air.

Moisture Control in the home

The key to controlling allergies and helping asthma sufferers is to control the moisture level in your home.  Dehumidifiers for your basement or crawlspace are designed to ensure that the humidity level in your home stays below 50%, which reduces the ability for allergens and mold to survive.  Dehumidifiers also filter the air circulating in your basment or craswlpace to remove dust mites and other allergens which may get in your foundation through open windows, access openings or improperly sealed gaps in your foundation.


Additional Tips for Creating a Healthy Home:

*Encase pillows, mattresses and box spring with allergen proof zippered covers- no feather fillings.

*Wash all bedding in hot water each week.

*No smoking in the house.

*Vacuum twice a week.

*When possible, choose hardwood floors instead of carpeting.  When choosing carpeting, choose low-pile.

*Dust all surfaces with damp cloth often, including lampshades and windowsills.

*Limit throw rugs to reduce dust and mold.  If you have rugs, make sure they are washable.

*Avoid dust-collecting venetian blinds or long drapes.  Replace with window shades instead.

*If your child has asthma, so not vacuum while he or she is in the room.

*Keep all clothing in drawers and closets.  Kepp closets and doors shut.

*Regularly change filters on heaters and air conditioners.

*Cover air ducts with filters or cheeseclothes.  Change these when soiled.

*Keep indoor humidity under 50%.

To find out more about how BQ Basement Systems can hlep protect you, your home and your family against asthma and allergies, contact us at 215-233-5107.

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