BQ Basement Systems Case Studies: Crawl Space Repair Helps to Sell Home in Berwyn, PA

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017 by Margaret Mustin


Allen was at a constant battle with his crawl space. No matter what he did it was always wet, and water was beginning to form dirty puddles.

He knew it was time to take action once she decided to sell her house. Allen was aware that when he officially put his house on the market, the buyer would specifically look into the history and upkeep of the crawl space and basement. As he wanted to increase the value of her property and make a final sale, the crawl space would need to be fixed.

With the support of his grandparents, Allen was ready to begin the journey to a dry crawl space and gave us a call.


After inspecting the area, the first step was to remove the excess debris and water that was beginning to fill the crawl space. Then, we installed a SmartSump pump with IceGuard and a Lawnscape outlet in order to keep the space dry.

The Landscape outlet, which is at the end of the discharge line, is located away from the house and does not interfere with any outdoor landscaping.

With the additions of the Sump Pump to Allen's crawl space, we know he will have a much easier time selling her home and we send her our best wishes during the process! 

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