BQ Basement Systems Case Studies: Basement Waterfroofing & Foundation Repair in Glenside, PA

Monday, May 1st, 2017 by Margaret Mustin


Elisabeth has lived in her house that was built in the 1960's for three decades and was ready to sell. However, there were repairs that needed to be done to the house before she could do so. BQ Basement Systems went out and took a look at the house and found that three of the four basement walls were bowing and that there was water coming through cracks in the wall. The window wells in the basement were also old and rusted and some downspouts were draining roof water next to the foundation. BQ also found an old non-functional sump pump with a poor discharge. These issues needed to be resolved immediately. 


The BQ Basement Systems Crew had their work laid out for them and began working on the basement right away. The walls were permanently stabilized and straightened, the rusty window wells were replaced and the roof water was diverted away from the foundation. The cracks in the foundation were sealed and the old sump pump was replaced with a new cast iron pump with proper discharge.

Elisabeth and her family are extremely happy; In a review her daughter wrote "They did a great job straightening our walls, sealing and waterproofing our basement, and getting new window wells. We are so happy and grateful!" Elisabeth can now sell her house with confidence and give the next homeowner a nationally backed warranty.

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