BQ Basement Systems Case Studies: Basement Waterproofing in Dresher, PA

Monday, May 1st, 2017 by Margaret Mustin


This homeowner in Dresher has an unfinished basement that they recently decided to remodel and make into a livable space. Unfortunately, the basement has been flooding for the past couple years and she could not move forward with her project until she had the flooding issue resolved.  

There are all different types of basements with various kinds of soil. It’s the water in the soil that causes the flooding in so many homes. The water enters the basement through cracks, walls, floors, and joints between them. These issues have been happening for a very long time and now there’s a perfect solution!

Wanting to prevent any more damage and prevent any future flooding, this homeowner contacted BQ Basement Systems for a free estimate. One of our expert design specialists was sent out to the home to conduct a thorough inspection of the problem area. After the evaluation, the specialist recommended that they have the WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System installed along with our Single Pack pump.


After having the opportunity to learn more about the suggested products, the homeowner wanted to move forward with the installation. The WaterGuard is a piping system that is specifically engineered to not clog while moving the water to the pump. The pump then moves the water out of the basement to the exterior of the home, solving the flooding issue.

The Waterguard has many benefits and offers many design features that will help keep the basement dry. This includes the special wall flange that is part of the Waterguards design. This flange creates a space between the wall and floor to allow any seepage from the wall into the pipes.

With so many designs to keep the basement dry and the water pumping out of the basement, this homeowner will not have to worry about any more floods in her basement! 

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