BQ Basement Systems Case Studies: Foundation Repair with Push Piers in Berwyn, PA

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 by Thomas Weinert


When this Main Line Couple couple decided to begin remodeling their home, their plans were paused immediately when they found that the foundation had settled significantly. There were cracks throughout the home and they knew that any future projects would be for nothing if repairs were not first made to the foundation. 

After Design Specialist, Columba, evaluated the structural integrity of the foundation, he found that piering would be necessary for both the interior and exterior of the home. He proposed the installation of seven Foundation Supportworks Push Piers strategically placed to halt any further settling.


The installation took only one day, beginning with excavation to expose the footer of the foundation. The bracket was then attached to the exposed footer, and the pier was pushed until it reached stable soil below. At this point, an attempt at lifting the piered portion of the foundation is usually made, but, at the request of the homeowners, an attempt to lift was not made on this home.

Nevertheless, these homeowners are very satisfied knowing their foundation will no longer prevent them from any new remodeling projects.

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