BQ Basement Systems Case Studies: PolyLEVEL in Abington, PA

Friday, July 8th, 2016 by Thomas Weinert


A homeowner in Abington was experiencing concrete slab settlement. The walkways in front of and behind his home were lifting and separating. This was occurring due to the settlement of underlying soil, which then left spaces beneath the slabs, causing them to sink and erode. The uneven walkways were a potential tripping hazard for residents and visitors alike.


The BQ Basement Systems team had the perfect remedy for slab settlement, PolyLevel. PolyLevel treatments involve injections of high-density polyurethane to raise sunken slabs back to their original positions. Several penny-sized holes are drilled into the affected concrete and then the injections are poured through. The polyurethane then expands for an accurate lift. This process is far less invasive than mudjacking, and it cures in record time! It takes about fifteen minutes and then the concrete is fully usable again. Plus, PolyLevel is made of recycled materials so it is environmentally friendly, and is much less expensive then replacing the concrete. In the end, BQ was able to solve this problem in no time!

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