BQ Basement Systems Case Studies: High Humidity and Musty Odors In Basement In Radnor

Friday, July 15th, 2016 by Thomas Weinert


The home owners of this Radnor home were experiencing high humidity and musty odors in the basement. This was a concern to them with a newborn on the way. They contacted us from a from an online search and called for a free estimate. Our representative suggested a few ways they can handle their problem. The owners were pleased with the products and decided to go with BQ.


The solution the home owners chose was the SaniDry. The SaniDry XP Basement Air System is a powerful and effective dehumidifier - big enough to do the job. It will dry the air and automatically drain the water out of a hose, so you never have to empty it, like a conventional dehumidifier. The SaniDry XP will take ten times the water out of the air as a typical dehumidifier, yet uses the same energy.

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