BQ Basement Systems Case Studies: Bowing Walls at a Basement in Berwyn, PA

Friday, July 15th, 2016 by Thomas Weinert


The homeowners of this Berwyn home were experiencing walls bowing in at the top. They were concerned about the leaning walls because they were getting ready to sell their home and worried about their effect on the value and overall safety. Our representative found the solution and the home owners were ready to get the work done.


The solution the homeowners chose is the wall anchor system. Wall anchors are installed by digging a small hole in the soil a few feet away from your foundation. A steel rod is drilled through a 1" hole in your basement wall and is connected to an earth anchor that is seated deep within the augured hole. A low profile wall plate placed on the interior of your basement wall is secured to the rod. The augured hole is backfilled and sod is replaced. Once all components of the wall anchor system are connected and tightened, your basement wall is permanently stabilized.

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