BQ Basement Systems Case Studies: Concrete Slab Repair in Media, PA

Thursday, November 16th, 2017 by Thomas Weinert


The patio entrance to this Media, PA home had sank over the last three years. The homeowners had grown accustomed to the unlevel concrete and didn't have a need to fix the problem. Unfortunately, water began pooling along the area affected the most by the settlement. This area was just outside the door, causing the homeowners to step in a puddle when entering or leaving the home after rainstorms. After months of dealing with the problem, they researched a company that would provide them with an alternative solution to tearing out their entire patio. BQ Basement Systems became their concrete repair contractor. 


The patio would not need to be torn out and replaced. Fortunately, the PolyLevel System would raise the sinking concrete slab, preventing the problem from recurring again with minimal disruption to the slab itself.  Unlike, Mud jacking that requires two-inch holes every two feet, PolyLevel is much more discreet. Installation injection ports were placed in each hole, where the structural grade polymer was released. The expanding properties of the polyurethane allowed for the team to achieve stability and accurately lift the sinking slab back to proper level using only 205 pounds of foam. The penny-sized holes were grouted over, make the system almost invisible. The waterproof foam will remain underneath the slab and intact for many years to come. The PolyLevel System was installed in a matter of hours, allowing the homeowners to walk along their patio just 15 minutes after the slab was raised. The homeowners are happy to have their patio restored efficiently and within their budget! 

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