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Concrete Leveling in Paradise, Pa

This sidewalk in Paradise, PA was continuing to sink due to soil erosion. In order to fix this, the BQ crew came out to lift and level the concrete slab. The crew started by drilling dime sized holes into the slab and followed that step by injecting our polyurethane foam to lift the concrete. Once the concrete had dried we sealed off the joints with caulk, and after 15 minutes the homeowners were able to walk on it. Polyurethane foam is a quick, noninvasive and cheaper method than concrete replacement and it's is back with our 10 year warranty!

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Sinking Poolside Concrete in Lincoln University, PA

This uneven concrete pool deck was a dangerous tripping hazard. We used PolyLevel to raise the concrete and create a safe, even surface. After leveling, we used silicone caulking to seal the joints to prevent future water penetration. 

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Concrete Repair in Leola, PA

Even if your concrete is cracked, it can be saved! Check out this before and after of a damaged concrete patio. Our PolyLevel foam is a fast, environmentally friendly and minimally invasive foam that levels your concrete in seconds! Within 10-15 minutes of the polyurethane injection you will have the ability to walk on your hazard fee sidewalk, driveway or patio.
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Sinking Concrete Porch in Gordonville, PA

Here in Gordonville, Pa the homeowners are facing flooding in their home caused by their uneven concrete porch. Their front porch is pitched toward there home causing rain water to flow into there home. The homeowners called BQ Basements to lift and level their concrete porch. Our crew started by drilling dime sized holes into the concrete slabs. We then injected polyurethane foam into the holes which effortlessly lifted to porch. After the porch was leveled we sealed the tiny holes with caulk. The homeowners were able to use their porch within minutes of it drying.

Concrete Walkway Repair in Cochranville, Pa

This walkway in Cochranville, Pa became a tripping hazard after a gap was formed between the concrete slabs. Instead of removing the concrete slab and replacing it, we use our polyurethane foam to lift and level the slab for a more afforable and less invasive option. We started by drilling a small dime sized hole into the slab and then filled it with our foam. We then leveled and sealed the slab with caulk and after after 15 minutes the owners were able to walk on it.

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