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Uneven Walkway in Lancaster, PA

This walkway was a safety hazard for the homeowners and their guests, so they contacted BQ Basement Systems for a FREE assessment. 

The BQ team determined that our PolyLevel foam would be the perfect solution to this unsafe walkway. The PolyLevel team injected the foam, which expands underneath the concretes surface, creating an even slab and completely eliminating the tripping hazard. The walkway was level in just 15 minutes! 

Concerete Levelting in Strasburg, Pa

This homeowner was concerned about their sunken front steps, in Strasburg, PA. The front steps were not only sinking but also beginning to separate from the house, thankfully BQ Basement Systems had the solution for such a situation. We were able to lift them back into position, reconnecting them with the house while also resestablishing their position. 

Concrete Patio Leveling in East Petersburg, PA

This Concrete walkway had a significant gap that was a dangerous tripping hazard for the homeowners. The cause of the gap is most likely do to soil erosion. In order to mend the gap concrete lifting was the easiest and most affordable method. The crew drilled a dime-sized hole into the slab and the hole was then filled with polyurethane foam to lift and lighten the load of the concrete on the soil. After the slab is lifted and leveled the small hole is then sealed with caulk. This then drys in seconds and can be walked on after 15 minutes of drying.

Concrete Step Leveling in Oxford, Pa

This front step in Oxford, Pa was previously a dangerous tripping hazard before we came in to mend the gap. We assessed the situation and began our job by drilling a small hole which we then filled with our polyurethane foam. After we lifted and leveled the step to line up with the additional step, we sealed the hole with caulk and gave it time to dry. After fifteen minute our homeowner was able to use their steps and not worry for their safety.

CrawlSpace Repair in Manheim, Pa

Check out the transformation of this crawl space in Manheim, PA. When the BQ Basement Systems team arrived we knew right away that this crawl space was in serious need of repair due to evident flooding. Our crew waterproofed the crawl space to get rid of the humidity and moisture that was beginning to lift up into the air of the home. The BQ crew installed a french drain around the perimeter and sump pump to pump future groundwater out. We also installed a clean space liner over the walls and the floor which traps all moisture and prevents it from entering the air and the home.


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