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Crawl Space Sump Pump in York, PA

Our crew installed the a UltraSump sump pump equipped to handle any rain water or groundwater. 

Sinking Concrete Porch in Wrightsville, PA

The homeowners were concerned about their sinking concrete porch, so they reached out to BQ Basement Systems. BQ assessed the porch and knew that PolyLevel Foam solution would do the trick in correcting the uneven concrete. PolyLevel was injected underneath the surface of the concrete, and within 15 minutes the difference was already evident. 

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Concrete Leveling in Holtwood, PA

A sinking sidewalk is unsafe for homeowners and the community. We provide a quick noninvasive fix using PolyLevel which lifts the sunken concrete slab and creates level the sidewalk.

For this job, PolyLevel® was used to fix this sinking sidewalk. These homeoweners, in Holtwood, PA, now have a safe sidewalk for their community to enjoy. 

Concrete Porch Leveling in Conestoga, PA

Sinking concrete slabs are a huge tripping hazard, especially when they are right at your front door like this homeowner in Conestoga, PA. They called BQ Basement Systems because they did not want to totally replace his porch. We informed the homeowners of our simple noninvasive concrete repair system. After agreement, our crew installed our PolyLevel concrete repair system which lifted and leveled his concrete porch back to its original safe height. After the concrete was lifted our crew caulked and sealed the concrete to prevent moisture from seeping under the concrete in the future.

This happy homeowner now has a permanently stabilizing concrete entrance!


Concrete Leveling in Peach Bottom, PA

This front walkway in Peach Bottom, PA was becoming a dangerous tripping hazard to the homeowners. In order to fix this, our crew came out and began their job by drilling dime sized holes into the concrete slabs. Those holes were then filled with polyurethane foam which lifts and levels the slab. Polyurethane foam is light weight and environmentally friendly towards the soil. After the slabs have been brought back to their original positioning, the crew will seal any joints or cracks with caulk. Our concrete lifting comes with a 10 year warranty!

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